The Games of the XXIV Joelympiad

Greetings from the evening of Joey’s 24th birthday.

20180225_184237The gang at his new group home made a card and all the residents and staff signed.  They were all very smiley as they shared it with me when I picked Joey up to have dinner, gifts and an evening with mom and dad.

One of the staff also baked a cake which Joey devoured for lunch before we drove off.  OK, I had a piece, too.  Seemed the courteous thing to do, and you know that caregivers are all about modeling good social skills.

We took Joe out to a favorite place for the evening meal.


Back here at the house, mom offered him a couple of requested videos, but ONLY after he read “Happy 24th Birthday Joey” off the gift bag.




Here he is inspecting the gifts.






And here he is after much exhortation to let me get a pic.  Smile not included.




Not sure he’s watched either movie just yet.  He’s pacing around the house processing things, although he just said, “Coming soon to a theater near you.”

We went so far as to unlock the cabinet in which sits his VCR.  We are so happy with his progress in this new year of life that we’re willing to let him go back to pushing rewind over and over and over and over and over and…

Well, for one night.  It’s his birthday, after all.

2 thoughts on “The Games of the XXIV Joelympiad

  1. I SOOOOOOO get it! Lord have mercy do I absolutely positively “Get It!!!”

    Bottom line is we love our kids and soooo want them not only to be happy but , just like US, live and relish in thee exact moment !!!!

    Y’all Freaking ROCK!!! From my toes to my nose, I not only understand but have been there and absolutely positively beyond a shadow of a doubt completely 100000000000000000% get it!!!!!!!!
    God bless each and everyone of you! Time Sr, aka Dad, Melissa aka Mom/Mommy (D to this day calls me “Mommy”.

    Y’all are truly and sincerely knocking (pardon my language) fucking knocking it not only out of the park BUT are able to touch ohhhh so many!!!!

    You KNOW, repeat KNOW but sharing thee good, thee bad and the ugly…. that it makes use “non church leader (so to speak) to not ONLY relate BUT realize and know from
    Truth that this journey is REAL.!

    Hugs and love to all y’all.

    I am blessed beyond measure to share OUR journey.

    I can’t help but feel and say, despite
    And with that I SOB, as I tears streaming down my face and touch my heart. Not at thee loss but rather thee GAIN!!!!

    Thank you all for ALL you are to me!!!
    I doubt others fully gasp OUR journey
    Together but THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE ☝🏻 ONE OF YOU. Honestly can not say myself NOR my son would be here today.

    Beyond blessed our life paths closed and that allllllllllll these years later we are absolutely as bonded and close just as FAMILY are. But know, without question I solimy swear I WILL BE THERE for you. I love and miss and ADMIRE each and every single one one of
    you!!!! I miss and absolutely LOVE AND RESPECT AND feel y’all as MY FAMILY!!!

    Y’all know I have biological family, nothing be taken away Friday my biological sister AND my biological Brother….it is simply simply perfect t, same life BUT simply different highway. Neither is more important than the other; simply different part of what I call a different highway of life.!!!

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