Male Pattern Autism

I haven’t had hair in so long that I can’t remember if one feels a difference between one comb and another.  Oh, sure, brushes – some are stiff, some are soft.  But combs?

20161108_064758Here are the two combs that reside in our son’s bathroom.

One is big and pink and has been around since Titanic hit the iceberg.  The other is your standard little black pocket comb that just showed up one day.  (Note: if you feed strays, they come back).

Our son insists on the pink one.  If I bring out the black one, he pushes my hand away and points at the pink one.

They both have the familiar wide-spaced teeth at one end and narrow spacing at the other.  Can they possibly create different feels on his head?  That’s important, since sensory issues are massive for people with autism.

Or is it just the familiarity of the item and daily habit?  The pink one is old and established.  The black one is some new thing that obnoxious caregivers or occupational therapists or beings like that might try to inflict on him.

Which is why incumbents get reelected so often.  (Ponder that on election day.  Are we just one big autistic country or what?)

2 thoughts on “Male Pattern Autism

  1. I just bought a new brush…the first in so many years I can’t remember. It is not wonderful, but it is better than the old one at least. Going to vote today.

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