Soon there will be presents

Let’s start with some vocabulary :


Thanks, PsychCentral

The idea from which our son is unable to switch is that there’s a particular video he desires as a Christmas present.  Or birthday present.  Doesn’t really matter, he’s just trying to establish that the next time that presents are exchanged, he wants this video.

So he’s nagging Melissa in particular, and the repetition of words that has ceased to be socially relevant or appropriate is,

Soon there will be presents.

Oh, there are other phrases he works into his pitch.  But when he says the above, you know the pitch is coming and that’s all you are going to hear for several minutes.  Or hours.  Or the weekend.  Or long stretches of time between August and December.

He also brings in gestures such as running his fingers, clean or not, through Melissa’s hair  or, literally, bending her ear to make sure she’s attentive to the socially irrelevant and inappropriate words.

I made the mistake of leaving a gift for our friends’ kid unguarded.  Joey assumed it was our cave-in to Soon there will be presents and began to unwrap it.  Fortunately he recognized it as not the right shape and weight to be a video cassette so he abandoned the effort without destroying the wrap job.

But it’s the thought that counts or something.

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