(Stay) Home of the Free

This is not one of the supply of good articles about the impact of fireworks on people with autism and other special needs.  (Hint to save you a lot of reading: People agitated by sensory issues don’t like boom boom boom).

No, this is another sad tale of freedoms taken for granted and lost, such that not even the most manipulative candidate can come up with an impossible election year promise to bring them back.

We don’t get to attend fireworks shows because by the time it is dark our son’s evening medications are making him drowsy and he doesn’t like going out.

Mind you, when we want to turn in early he’s quite capable of staying up all night making noise.

But going out for 4th of July fireworks is out of the question.  The problem worsened when we moved up here over the northern horizon.  In the summer it’s not dark enough for fireworks until about 9 p.m.

So sad, because when I worked at a local hospital I realized that the top of one of its parking towers provided a panoramic view of several area fireworks shows.  So we tried packing snacks and driving up there, figuring that Joey would be fine reclining in our own familiar minivan.

But he protested, almost melted down and made things miserable.

Some caregivers work up to their elbows in bodily wastes and gore.  That’s been a sporadic demand for us, but our greater challenge has been the steady elimination of freedoms – we can’t be spontaneous; social life is whittled away; we can’t park on a roof and watch fireworks.

Am I whining again?  Well…

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