Getting louder

Our son’s been louder the last few nights.  I think the longer daylight of Northern Plains summer messes with him.  He sits up trying to watch movies but his agitation comes out in manically thumping his chest with an open hand.  We say soothing things, he stops for a few seconds, then fills the house with echoing thuds again.

We’re getting closer to our own echo.  The kinds of things we blog about here are coming out as a book in August,

When autism became part of our family, our amateur status as caregivers felt like our trial and error efforts at gardening.  Outcomes were seldom what we hoped.  But with love, spiritual insight and some humor drawn from our yard work we found inspiration and encouragement to raise our special needs son. We hope that Blooming Idiots shares this in ways helpful to other caregivers. The title comes from this thought: “Caregivers are Blooming Idiots who tend and nurture while being sliced and diced by thorns. Beauty grows no other way.”

Author Carol Grace Stratton recently interviewed Tim about the book and his outlet as a writer.  Hope you’ll go check it out.

Did we say outlet?  Let’s say it louder.  OUTLET.  Caregivers need outlets.  We need ways to refresh ourselves by using gifts and talents that are not absorbed into care giving.  We need to exercise bits of who we are that make us feel more joyfully alive.

Now, we’ve heard all that before.  “You have to do something for you.  You have to take care of yourself to take care of others.” And that makes us loud as we scream, “With what time, energy, space or money?  We don’t have any of it left to enjoy.”

Which means you have to let the voice – the divine voice that can be so faint in the midst of all the havoc – get louder than the other demands to remind you that you have great value.  Your care giving work is not a punishment for real or imagined sins.  You are not a bad person for sometimes resenting it or needed to step away from it or not doing it just right all the time.  You have permission to rest, refresh and take pleasure.

We hope and pray that pleasant time will come your way this day.

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