Wasn’t gonna do Mother’s Day but…

Mom mug

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…then I laughed at this.

It’s evocative of the simplification of goals and rewards that is necessary to caregiver survival.

But after I got a laugh at that, I shed a tear over this article from a Church of England news source,

CHILDREN in care are being denied the mental-health treatment they need as they are shuttled between foster homes, (Members of Parliament) have warned.

Almost half of the children and young people in care have a diagnosable mental-health disorder, compared with about one in ten children who are not in care, a report from the House of Commons Education Select Committee says.

But, despite their needs, MPs found that vulnerable children are being turned away by mental-health services because they do not have a stable home, or they do not meet the high thresholds set to qualify for treatment.

Let me paraphrase:  A nation decides that public spending on other stuff can be maintained by dumping medical and clinical therapeutic level responsibilities on everyday people.

That goes to the heart of the family care giving dilemma, be it birth family, foster care, adoptive parents or whatever household type responds to the need.

So a salute to all the caregiving moms out there, while you carry on as doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, pharmacists, and all of the other roles you receive, minus the public affirmation, titles, training and affirmation, of course.

Not to discount care giving dads (I am one, after all).  And nobody tells me I’m pretty, so I get it.

But it’s Mother’s Day, so let’s salute the ladies who don’t get to take Sunday off, probably won’t get a restaurant outing and might, at best, get that pajama day as a bit of respite.  Going into labor was just the start of labor that goes on and on and on.

But yes, the kids are alive.

Thank you.


1 thought on “Wasn’t gonna do Mother’s Day but…

  1. Well said. Moms have given daddies some wonderful joys in the children they’ve blessed us with through their never-ending sacrifices. Parent on!

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