I wish I were a mushroom

Ever heard that mushroom joke about businesses or government?  How is (Company X) (the Government) like raising mushrooms?  They keep the (employees)(citizens) in the dark and bury them in bulls**t.


Way too serene to be caregivers.

I googled and, yes, it appears that mushrooms like the dark.  Horsesh**t is more technically correct than BS for the fertilizer.  I’ll leave the business and government factors to your judgement.

I bring this up because the caregivers who blog at Not the Former Things are talking about the sleep deprivation visited upon them by their child with autism:

Studies have suggested that nearly 80% of children with autism have sleep problems. This means that 80% of parents with children on the autism spectrum also have sleep problems. It is a very real, very present reality for many of us.

And, in my experience, one that most doctors and therapists cannot really identify with. “Make sure you cut out any sugar and electronics for at least three hours before bedtime,” was the constant recommendation when my son was younger. It was infuriating. We had been doing that for years, with absolutely no effect.

Sleeping for very short periods of time, only to be wakened again and again is used as torture in some countries. I for one, would like to say I understand why.

We went through this with our son (still do on blessedly less frequent nights.)  There were a few years of his childhood in which we never had a full nights sleep.  The memories of these do not mellow into funny stories and laughs.  As the other bloggers wrote, such sleep deprivation is a form of torture and a horror to remember.

Speaking just for me (Tim), I crave mushroom nurturing darkness when I sleep.  Lights, even soft ones, agitate me.  I think that’s a holdover from Joey’s younger days – lights going on meant Melissa or I getting up to keep the boy and our property out of danger.

Caregivers catch more than their share of horse manure.  Like mushrooms, we don’t have much say.  But we envy the ‘shrooms when it comes to their indulgence in darkness.  We’d sure like more of that, at least in the wee hours.

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