Where are we now?

Right HERE.

From which we steal,

Waiting for the kid to go when his bus can come,
or his place to live so our work here’s done,
or some couple time or some sleep’s just fine,
or to travel around to hanging around where friends abound,
or waiting for some hair to grow. [Note: ain’t happening for Tim]

Everyone is just waiting.

Glad February is short.  We are waiting on a program that should open toward the end of the month, which will give Joey a few extra hours out of the house each day.

Lately, he’s taken to a bit of defiance when dad isn’t home, looming over mom because she won’t let him do any manic button pushing on the VCR.  He’s figured out he’s bigger and he is willing to use a bit of intimidation.  So mom is waiting a) to be thrashed or b) for some kind of relief.

We are waiting for a group home placement for the lad, of course.  We know that’s a potentially long haul but the programs here are worth the wait.

I ‘spose one good thing is that when Joey moves out, our sheer relief and exhaustion will temper any grief and anxiety.

There’s a bit of joyful waiting as well.  Our book of inspiration and encouragement for caregivers is rolling along with the publisher.  Just finished a couple of rounds of readers looking for typos and such.  Here’s one nice bit of feedback,

I’m looking forward to giving it to a friend of a special needs child but I would also recommend it for any parent.

Waiting is better if you have something to do.

Which reminds me, a nice meme posted by a Christian radio station this morning:


Waiting can be courageous.  You have to hang in there with the hardest questions, like “Why?” and “How long?”

In the Bible, those are frequent themes in the Book of Psalms.  There is opportunity in the &#^**# waiting place, because you can throw those questions at God, with God’s complete understanding and permission, and find out that you’re not waiting all alone.  It can be a time of profound intimacy and spiritual growth.

Or it can just stink.  This is, after all, care giving.

God bless you and strengthen you as you wait for whatever’s on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Where are we now?

  1. Life can really stink for care givers. I watched my in-laws be care givers and this I have learned. The father was the first for his wife, and he said that he had to look for ways to praise God, to be encouraged by God, and to bless others each day. He watched old church services, sang christian songs, wrote songs, and prayed a lot and yet praised God for his goodness to them. God bless all the care givers.

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