Up to my eyeballs

Yeah, the blogging’s been on hold.

There’s a book about this stinky care giving coming out later this year, and the publisher is actually sending me stuff to do.  Stuff with deadlines.

Blooming Idiot Title PageLook, here’s a screen shot of the title page —>

See any typos?  Let me know.  I have a week to hunt them down and report back to the editor.

But wow, to see the book in a publisher’s font instead my own laptop documents is a bit of a lift.

All of which is to rationalize more not-blogging on my part.

But seriously, when the book does come out, I hope and pray that it will be a blessing to you and to other care givers you might know.  Meanwhile, back to deadlines, and chores, and waiting for a staffed apartment to open up for our son…


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