Quick! While he’s not here! (UPDATED)

No, not a riff on the new parent thing about “Shh!  Let’s have some fun while they’re asleep!”

Forget about intimacy – when your grown kid with autism is out of the house it is time to…


Forget about saying, “Joey, don’t go in that room.”  That doesn’t work.  Forget about trying to wrap while he’s asleep, because he can be not-asleep at a moment’s inconvenient notice.

The time is NOW!

That said, we need to get wrapping presents instead of unwrapping each other… but Melissa and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and pray that it will be day with some blessings for those in your care and for you.

UPDATE: His bus usually arrives at 2:30 or later (that’s 14:30 for the rest of you) but today it was 2:15, literally less than a minute after we cleaned and hubby moved unused supplies to the hiding place downstairs. It is not that he believes in Santa, it would be that he would know that the presents are here and he would find them and open them or worse, bug us thinking that if he kept talking about it, we would give in and give them to him. Of course, we would not, so his excitement would keep him awake, running up and down the hallway, clapping all night until Christmas, when he would be too excited to open them once the time came. Ouch.



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