Printer Error


In a messy corner of a messy room sits our little printer/copier thingy.

There appear to be efforts at origami atop and around it.

For our son Joey, living with autism means finding tactile comforts that connect him to the world outside of his unique inner workings.

Crumbling and waving papers is one such means to connection.

Which means we can’t leave paper in the copier, ready to zap out the next Very Important Document we need.  We have to hand feed the machine a sheet at a time, lest any available paper wind up like that in the picture.

Also means we have to keep the paper hidden in some inconvenient and sealed up place.

So we are the printer error.  You know, like in airplane crash investigations?  Mechanical error is ruled out… the printer didn’t mangle the paper.

All blame is with those claiming to operate the machine.  Or anything else in our house.

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