Joey, The Christmas Trump

Presidential candidate Donald Trump asserts that he should be elected because he’ll be the best at sitting down to negotiate with foreign leaders.

Our son Joey has a unique negotiating method.  He uses it every year in the run up to Christmas (the “holiday” shopping orgy).  We fall for it every time.

He lists the presents (OK, the movies) he wants.  He talks of nothing else for weeks (called perseveration in the autism biz).  It goes like this (parents in quotes, Joey in italics),

“Good morning, Joey.”

Soon there will be (insert name of movie).

“No, your language is, ‘Good morning, Mom.'”

Soon there will be (insert name of movie).

“Joey, put your juice back in the refrigerator.”

Working for (insert name of movie).

“Joey, time for a bath.”

Working for (insert name of movie).

So we dutifully order said movie.  Except that Joey, ace negotiator, forgets about that one about a week before Christmas and demands a different movie.  With great agitation in his voice.

This year Melissa tried a new tactic.  She sat with Joey and cheerfully wrote down a list of movies he named.  She’s been showing it to him as a reminder, and he smiles as he’s assured that these titles will show up at Christmas.

Of course here we are about two weeks from opening presents and he’s got a new, must-have-at-all-costs movie he wants added.  Like Trump, he’s unbending in his demand.


And because* delivers stuff quickly, we cave in.  Better that than a grim Christmas with petulant Joey.  Which might happen just the same.

Such is care giving for families living with autism.

Oh, and his birthday comes in February.

*If you shop on Amazon, consider using Amazon Smile.  You can direct them to donate 5% of your purchases to an organization of your choice.  Great way to support the folks who support you in caring for your loved ones.  We direct ours to the folks who provide Joey’s programs.

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