Care giving blog party! will sponsor a blog party this coming week.  (December 6th is special to us – it’s the Feast of St. Nicholas, a bit of a caregiver in his own right.  Melissa and I met at church named for him and our son’s middle name is Nicholas.)

Anyway, a progressive party is where you go visiting from place to place (appetizers at Joe’s house, main course at Wendy’s, dessert at… well, you get the idea).  It’s a way to mix and mingle.

In this case, it is a chance to visit care giving blogs, give and get some encouragement, win free stuff (well, free to the winner – blog hosts will be donating the prizes!)

More this Sunday – see you then!



4 thoughts on “Care giving blog party!

  1. Hi, my name is Lillie, I’m a member at I’m 57 years old and a 17 year Caregiver to my mom who is 89 and a stroke victim. Thank you for participating in the Blog Party. I look forward to reading more blogs here.

  2. Hello, Tim. Thank you for participating in the Holiday Progressive Blog Party. I care for my 54 year old husband, who has pancreatic cancer, and for two I have been a member of, where I blog as “Hussy.” I’m glad to “meet” you and wish you a happy holiday season.

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