In the winter we can build a Joeman


So there’s our walkway, front yard and street.  Can’t tell them apart?  Well, you can use the bird bath and the snowman in the middle as handy reference points!

OK, maybe not.

This is today.  Like a good dad, I went out and shoveled a path down the driveway so Joey could come up to the garage door and not have to wade through knee-deep snow.

I was taking off my boots when the dog barked, letting us know the bus had arrived.  Before I could get my wet things off, Joey had come up the path I’d cleared…

…and hung a left to trudge through the knee-deep snow on the NOT shoveled path to the front door.

Lots of nice snow glop on the wood floor inside.  And he has wet, cold feet.

Never, ever, ever, ever change the patterns for a person with autism.  Even when you’re trying to be nice.  In the snow.  In freezing temperatures.

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