Thanksgiving Dinner Plans

Health limitations, sensory issues, simple childlike stubborness… for any number of reasons, feeding those in our care is at once simple and aggravating.

Aggravating because we go to much trouble to spread a table with stuff they’ll ignore… simple because we know there’s just one that has to be served.

Saw this on the Autism With a Side of Fries Facebook page.  It’s right on target

Thanksgiving Food

Our man Joey likes a corn casserole that Melissa makes.  That’s all he needs on Thanksgiving.  He eats a bunch of that and goes off to watch movies.  He’ll even eat it for a couple of days of leftovers, just like the rest of us do with all the other Turkey Day fare.

For the first time in a bunch of years, we are not cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  Some wonderful friends invited us over and I (Tim), before any debate could ensue, said “Yes!  Absolutely!  Thanks be to God!”

But we ARE making the corn casserole to bring with… Joey wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just found out that Melissa needs a medical procedure on Wednesday… so today we have to figure out how to work in cooking the casserole between that and my work schedule.  But there will be corn casserole, dammit!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner Plans

    • LOL aww, thanks, Ginger. It really isn’t that difficult and I think Joey LIKES watching us put it together (another dimension of care giving and of autism… the replication of pleasing patterns.) Hope you have a great holdiay!

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