A catered affair

Melissa, Joey and I had a wonderful evening last Saturday.

I’ve tried to keep it out of this blog so as not to weird people out, but I’m an ordained minister in the church. For the moment. More about that later.

Claudia Tim JoeyBack to last Saturday. I baptized some good friends’ recently adopted daughter. After a joyful service, during which Joey decided he didn’t want to sit and came and stood by me like some kind of test proctor while I was preaching (the church was packed but they all rolled with this just fine), we went over to our friends’ home for a celebration.

It was a big party, as the new mom & dad both come from large families, have lots of friends, employees and professional peers.

Food and drink were catered. And – I get misty eyed relating this – our friends took the trouble to have the caterer prepare a pepperoni pizza just for Joey. And they had cans of root beer for him amidst the wine selections.

Joey found a comfy spot on a couch and didn’t want to go find a table at which to sit. So the caterers actually took the trouble – while serving over 100 guests – to bring him plates of pizza where he sat. Melissa helped him balance things on his lap (and hers) and he was a happy lad, as you see here. Joey smiley

The kindness of our friends, the caterers and everybody else that night was a precious gift to us. Last baptism I’ll be doing at that church. Or maybe last one, period. It was a positive closure for our family.

I’m stepping out of the pulpit. Don’t know if that’s for awhile or for good. That’s something about which God and I need time to talk.

It’s enough to say here that I’m emotionally run down. That’s putting it mildly. Good care giving requires the heart and churches can drain (or cap, or poison) the emotional well.

A bit scary right now, of course. Needing to overhaul finances, seek new income, etc. No crisis of faith – I’m still praying and God seems as close and loving as ever. But your prayers are appreciated as our family goes through all this change.

We’ll still be blogging here, because care giving stinks sometimes but is in our hearts always.

8 thoughts on “A catered affair

  1. You certainly have my prayers Tim, as well as my admiration and appreciation. No, this will not be easy. The Lord bring to you in abundance everything that you already know He will bring to you, because you know he is faithful. Hallelujah.

  2. Hi, Tim, and a blessed Advent to you and Melissa. I’m just catching up with this news. May the Spirit be with you in your time of rest (though I imagine you’re going to be working hard elsewhere!) and discernment. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. John T.

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