We all scream for…

Nah, not ice cream.

A recent job change has me (Tim) in a setting with high public contact.

That means moms and dads with kids. Kids in tow, kids out of control, kids asleep, kids doing all the stuff kids do.

Last night one such kid emitted a scream. Upon reflection, after my heart slowed back to a normal rate and my ears stopped ringing, I identified it as a scream of indignation. Mom and/or dad didn’t do what the kid wanted, therefore kid expressed rage to the universe.

I wonder how many times our son Joey shook the cosmos.

Melissa remembers a time when he let out high pitched shrieks in the supermarket, just to test his volume. And she remembers people with hearing aids buckling at the knees as they reached up to cover their agonized ears.

I remember a time when we missed a flight (NOT Joey’s fault, it was the airport van guy’s problem). Joey hated the sterile waiting areas of the terminal. Then, he lit up when he saw a Burger King sign… only to melt down when it turned out that the food court was under construction and not open.

He ran away from us, made angry noises, and ultimately swatted a styrofoam cup full of soda out of the hands of a lady coming out of a terminal bar. I was just able to stammer out, “Sorry…autism…uh…” and she gave some grudging forgiveness of the assault.

I wonder if being a care giver has made me any more charitable toward others? After my reaction to last night’s screamer, I doubt it.

I think care giving’s just left me more uptight and intolerant.

How about you?

2 thoughts on “We all scream for…

  1. Oh for sure! I have no reserve left for other people’s problems some days. Other days I want to go up and hug perfect strangers who are helping someone in a wheelchair navigate the world at large. A friend described it to me as having a certain number of spoons for the day. Each expending of mental and/or physical energy takes one or more spoons. When my allotted spoons for the day are gone – I have nothing left to give. So – I am tolerant of others proportionate to the amount of spoons I happen to have left that day.

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