Where were we?

Long time no blog.

For one thing, our book about and for care givers is with the publisher, and we’ve been under real life deadlines from the editor. Looks like an August release. You’ll be hearing more, hopefully just enough and not too much, as things progress.

Meanwhile, we’ve been dealing with some changes in our lives (Tim, Melissa and Joey). We’ll blog more of that in the near future.

And of course we’ve been care giving.

Today, Joey had a small seizure to rouse us out of our comfy autumn slumber. These medical events are few and far between these days, for which we are thankful. Joey was back on his feet quickly, but it left him drowsy and, having ruined our sleep, he napped much of the day.

But even napping can be eventful. Some unpleasant noises came out of his room and it turned out to be the demise of his bed. It’s a 17 year old IKEA frame, and it’s withstood all kinds of battering, including Joey’s indoor trampoline stylings.

Today the wood slats that supported the mattress gave way on one side, leaving Joey sitting bleary eyed and perplexed in a pile of blankets as though on a deck chair of the sinking Titanic.

So it was time to stop work on the book and do some actual care giving. By God’s intervention, Tim found the weird little Allen wrench needed to remove the weird IKEA screws. He dismantled the frame, toted it all out to the backyard woodpile, and then cleaned the long ignored floor, where it turned out that various pets had deposited lots of hair over the years.

Joey’s a bit out of sorts about the change. But he’ll take to sleeping like a college student, on just a mattress on the floor, until we decide if we want to get him a new bed now or just wait until he’s placed in a residence.

He ate all of the Pork Lo Mein from our “let’s get different entrees to share” Chinese take out. So we guess he’s OK.

Have a great rest of your weekend – hope to blog again in a few days.

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