What becomes of the broken something somethings?

Joey broke another VCR.

No matter how many times we redirect him away from pushing buttons for constant rewinds and fast forwards, he goes back to the behavior.

He was up at like 3 or 4 this morning poking away, and we didn’t have the gas in our tank to go and challenge him. It was all we could do to roll over and keep the light from his room out of our eyes.

He can’t do DVD. He doesn’t like to use fine motor skills, which is why he can’t write consistently. Plus he scratches and trashes those thin discs as soon as they’re out of the package.

Nope, it’s VCR for him. Chunky and easy to handle without much digital dexterity.

Melissa and I are bummed for him. He’s having trouble falling asleep without a movie on. But I’m not running out to track down yet another of these AV dinosaurs or even a tinkerer to fix this one. I’ve really had it with this behavior from which he refuses to learn.

This is going to be a hard change in his life, and what’s hard on him is inevitably hard on us.

Another reason that sometimes, care giving stinks.

For your listening pleasure:

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