NEW: Learn Autistic with Rosetta Stone?

You’ve seen the commercial, right? If you’re a caregiver, you’re probably sitting in a stupor when the infomercials come on in the wee hours.

Rosetta Stone is a something something that promises to help you learn another language.

I’m thinking that we might monetize (anybody else sick of that word?) our care giving by teaching lessons in one of our nation’s most significant second languages, Autistic. Wouldn’t you like to converse about wine pairings with the person having the violent melt down at the supermarket? Have you ever wanted to ask an IT question of the kid sitting there pushing the same button over and over at Best Buy? Our new Rosetta Stone: Autistic is perfect for you.

Here’s a sample:

Bye Mom. (bi mahm) “I want to be alone.”

Bye MOM! (bi MAHM) “Seriously, you’ve overstayed your welcome.”

Bye MOM?!?!?!?! (bi MAHHHHHM) “You’ve violated protocol and will be terminated.”

Isn’t that fun? You’re not just memorizing words, you’re learning an entire culture.

And how to avoid being killed by it.

If you can’t sleep, stay up and enjoy this video to encourage your studies.

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