Of mice and… uh… books?

A couple of short things.

IMG_20141024_165752_141First, more fun ‘n’ games with Joey’s old desktop.

The cursor was sitting in the middle of the screen, not moving. I’d managed to wiggle stuff, turn it on and off, and dance around it with chicken feathers and a gourd rattle to fix the problem in the past. But this week it wasn’t fixin’. Every time I plugged the mouse in, I got a “USB device not recognized” bubble, with a “Click Here for Solutions” message, only I couldn’t move the cursor to click there.

So Joey sat in a bored protest funk for several evenings, intoning “The computer is BROKEN?”

So I called the famous Mr. Monte, our family IT guy, who was just over a flu and pulling weeds but still nice about me bugging him again.

“You’ve tried plugging the mouse into a different port?”

“Sure. All kinds of different ports.”

“OK, turn the mouse over. Is there a red light on?”

“Uh, no.”

“The mouse isn’t working anymore.”

I ran downstairs to where we have all kinds of electronic junk, but no mouse to be found.

Mr. Monte has better electronic junk, and he brought over a live mouse (is that what you call it?) the next day. Computer action good as new. Joey happy. Joey up all night so bright light shining into our bedroom until the wee hours.

OK, I promised books in the headline. If you go to this link, you can get some great books from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. If you use the coupon code TFountain, you’ll get a 20% discount! Great established and emerging writers in all genres, in all your favorite formats – print, kindle, nook. You might discover some great stuff that gets buried at megasites like Amazon.

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas are the folks who will be publishing our book about care giving (guesstimate of release is August, 2016).

Happy reading! Happy mousing! (Oh, wait, that’s what cats do – or are supposed to – right?)

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