The gym where I maintain health, release stress, listen to loud music, etc. likes to throw in “active recovery.” What’s that?

Well, it is throwing in exercises as “breaks” between other exercises. Basically some gleeful sadomasochism. (The instructors do this stuff along with us, so it isn’t clear who’s the sadist and who’s the masochist.)

Here’s one of which they’re fond,

Care giving is like a bunch of burpees thrown into all the other crud life brings.

Today I got an email from a friend at church,

Won’t be at Bible Study today. Have to take (spouse) to the doctor.

Over the last two years, she’s had to assume more and more care giving in the follow up to several surgeries her husband’s had for a variety of ailments. Just when things seem to settle down, another problem comes up, more serious than the last.

I should mention that these two are grandparents, who’ve already done decades of care giving in the lives of their kids. It’s like a cosmic gym instructor said, “If you’re not out of gas yet, let’s do some burpees just for fun.”

HOO-rah and woo-HOO

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