Care giving stinks but coffee smells good

Here’s a chance to have some fun and also support other caregivers. is a great site with lots of resources, including some chats and other forms of real time support for folks in all kinds of caregiving situations.

Tomorrow (Friday, June 19) you can have some fun as part of “Coffee With a Caregiver.”

Now, don’t get yourself frustrated. If you’re not internet or camera friendly, this might not be the event for you. But if you are (and if you’re reading this you must be somewhat of a computer person), go register at the site and prepare to share a picture of your coffee or tea and an encouraging message at 10 EST (9 Central, 8 Mountain, 7 Pacific) tomorrow morning.

IMG_20150618_121832_424You could win a Starbucks card, but more than that you could be the one to bring a smile or an emotional embrace to a caregiver’s day.

This isn’t the mug (or the message) I’ll be featuring there tomorrow, but this one is on my office desk and there are my bride and sons huddled ’round my crusty cup.

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