When anniversaries aren’t happy

Ours was and is. We went out to a great dinner with friends while another friend watched Joey. A week later, we are off to see The Eagles in concert as a mutual silver anniversary gift.

But “Happy Anniversary” can ring hollow for many caregivers. A woman caring for her infirm spouse wrote,

47 years of marriage. Not even a Happy anniversary. I should be used to this, but I’m not.

We need another, non-Hallmark greeting for such days.

We need to drop the “happy” and use words like “honorable.” “Honorable Anniversary.” Because it isn’t a joyful day, but it is a noble one.

It isn’t about the fun romantic love, because that’s been trashed. The memories, if there at all, hurt too much as reminders of what’s lost.

But these dates still mark a commitment and a self-offering. They represent a profound kind of love that is offered when the warm fuzzies are long gone.

We should honor those who continue on in circumstances from which many would have run away. Honorable Anniversary if you are one of those.

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