A selfish couple’s un-family celebration

Wedding portraitToday is our 25th wedding anniversary. We are going out for sushi (which we love but isn’t in our son’s sensory palate), and we’re going out with friends instead of as a family. Well, as a couple, but not as a whole family. And this is a good thing.

Joey has “Miss Mary,” who is actually Mrs. Mary, the wife of computer rescue guy Mr. Monte. Joey likes her and she’s going to come over and bring pizza (key to his sensory palate) while Melissa and I are out anniversary-ing and sushi-ing.IMG_20140802_125010_130

Restaurants = respite. No cooking, serving or cleanup. So that’s a treat right there.

Friends = adult conversation about stuff other than autism, Disney lyrics, or chores.

Care giving makes “normal” stuff loom large. A Silver Anniversary is blessed by dinner out with friends. It doesn’t require a round-the-world cruise… or even silver. The twenty five years, most of them spent as care givers, have made some dreamy things seem more unreal and impossible but many simple things more glorious.

But it’s not all un-family. Our older son & his wife sent us these gorgeous, fragrant flowers…
wedding flowers 2

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