Weak Penalty Killing

National Hockey League playoffs are underway. They’ve given me the metaphor for this post.

For those who don’t know, if you are penalized in hockey, you lose a player for a specified period of time. He sits in the penalty box and you don’t get to replace him. You have to play “short handed” – the other team engages in what’s called a “power play” and you try to “kill the penalty” by preventing them from scoring ’til your penalized player returns to the ice.

So, tonight Melissa and I are short handed. We’re both under the weather. Usually there’s at least one of us healthy if the other one is down. But now we’re both in the penalty box*. So Joey has the power play on.

He’s going pretty easy on us so far. Of late he’s taken to blasting video clips at higher than usual volume, including speaker distortion noise. So that’s no fun. And he’s chuckling a lot, which is actually kinda sweet and comforting. Still, dinner and bath time are ahead…

But we are making our best penalty killing effort.

*Why are we being penalized? Because we had the temerity to have fun. That’s a care giving violation. We went to Charleston, SC to visit our older son and his wife. It was wonderful. Therefore we must pay. Here’s a picture of Melissa smiling… that’s why the refs blew the whistle.


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