Y como castigo (and as punishment…)

Our friend Mr. Monte came to the rescue once again. He’s our family IT guy, a critical emergency job with Joey’s ability to work voodoo on his old desktop and then be unhappy when mom and dad can’t fix it.

Monte has it working tip top. Joey is very happy and is watching YouTube at an enthusiastic volume. One of his on-again, off-again delights is to watch favorite movie clips in foreign languages. I think the voices selected to dub familiar parts are what tickle him.

So one of this week’s line up of loud is:

About midway through is Y como castigo, lo transformo* en una horrible bestia, “And as punishment, she transformed him into a horrible beast.” Getting Mr. Monte to fix the computer seems to have been a good deed for which we are being punished with loud video clips played over and over.

Y Melissa y yo seremos transformados en bestias if this keeps up much longer.

* Yes, that needs an accent on the last “o.” I’m keyboard impaired when it comes to stuff like that.

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