May name is Joey, and I’m an…

So, the kid attended his first 12 Step meeting last night.

Melissa and I were at a Good Friday service at church. Joey doesn’t sit well through church stuff, and he doesn’t contribute to things like solemn silence. So he went to hang out in a room downstairs where the couches are comfy and the people are absent.

After the service, I went down to get him, only to realize that an AA group meets down there on Friday nights.

Joey was sitting in the circle, smiling. The folks didn’t seem perturbed.

I managed to wave at Joey from out in the hallway so I didn’t have to crash the meeting.

Since coming home, he’s not violated any of their confidentiality.

I wonder if he stood up in the meeting and said, “My name is Joey, and I’m autistic.”

Nah. Doubt it.

Oh well, our contribution to Autism Awareness Month ’round here.

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