Care for the Care Giver

A beautiful meditation and blessing.

Nigel Mumford

Asleep, I listen.

A meditation for Care Givers


The Rev. Nigel W D Mumford

Asleep I listen,

To the breathing, to every precious breath,

To any change, to a groan, to the pain, to the fear,

I listen to the fear, in me, and in my beloved.

Asleep I listen,

To any need and want, my body asleep but my ears open,

The constant vigil, ready at a moments notice

To leap out of bed to address the need.

Asleep I listen,

To the phone, to the TV, to the radio, to God.

I pray and wonder what will happen?

Am I doing my best, what else can I do?

Asleep I listen,

Even when awake guilt pervades my mind.

How can I even go to the store, how can I leave the house?

I listen to the cell phone, did it beep, is it vibrating?

Asleep I listen,

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