A creative clothing line for autism and other sensory challenges

Lauren Thierry, who recently left a career in cable TV news, has designed an imaginative and incredibly practical line of clothing for people living with autism and other sensory issues. Her son with autism, Liam, is her inspiration.

The line features soft, sensory-friendly clothing free of buttons, zippers, collars, and tags, and everything can be worn inside out and frontward or backward. Oh, and the brilliance doesn’t stop there: there’s an option to get a GPS device built in to the clothing, because Thierry knows that many children and teenagers with autism sometimes wander off.

That’s just incredible and will likely help many kids gain independence in daily routines. Independence indeed – they’ll have time and energy to focus on other tasks rather than be pinned down with zippers and buttons, fine motor task which many people with special needs find impossibly disconcerting and impractical.

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