High level diagnostic tools for autism

I’m at home today, as Melissa is under the weather (why does that mean “sick”? I mean, our weather is nice right now) and Joey is still coming back from a seizure or two.

It is quiet at the moment and that’s allowing me to brush up on some autism diagnostic techniques I’ve gained over the years. For example:

1) Creaking bed. This suggests several possible diagnoses and requires other confirming facts.  It can mean

  • “Quit saying you’re waiting for him to move to a group residence and just buy him a new bed already.”
  • “He’s recovered well enough to play trampoline on it again.”  (Confirmation by breaking glass sound of his head hitting the ceiling light fixture).
  • “He’s sleeping but tossing and turning.”
  • “Stop listening and get in there!  He’s having a seizure again!”

2) Sitting still in parents’ room with bleary eyes.  He’s really sick.

3) Sitting still in parents’ room with bleary eyes and not talking.  He snuck in an extra seizure while you were in the bathroom.

4) Laughing and playing a video clip over and over.  All clear.

None of the above indicate Lupus.

2 thoughts on “High level diagnostic tools for autism

  1. I’ve used these tools too. Sarah has an infection and had 5 or so seizures with it. And yeah, she occasionally sneaks in a seizure while I’m in the bathroom.

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