Joey rescues dad

I think the “spring forward” time change messed with me more than it did with our son.

He’s rolled with it pretty well. I have to nudge him awake rather than rely upon his usual early self-start, but he’s OK with that this year (he hasn’t always been so nice with time changes).

So last night I forgot to put the trash out for the garbage man.

This morning, Joey’s paratransit arrived. While Joey was walking down the driveway, the trash truck pulled up and waited for him to get on his bus.

This gave me just enough time to fly through the house and get the trash can rolled down to the curb.

The garbage man was really pleasant – I think Joey’s presence tends to soften hearts sometimes. Of course I was pouring out effusive thanks for the fact that the truck waited for my delinquent can.

Later today Melissa and I will take Joey to tour a residential facility, which is in contention to be his new home once July arrives.

Now I’m wondering if I can do without his help around here. Not good to miss trash day.

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