Friday the 13th is a relief

…because Thursday the 12th was rough. Joey suffered a seizure and hit the floor hard. By some blessed something, he didn’t suffer head or neck trauma.

I’m hoping that Melissa will come on here and blog some of her post-event thoughts, because she crashed into some big ideas and feelings and I don’t know that I can do them justice. The words need to come from her heart.

Joey slept well through the night and was himself this morning. He’s at his day program and the staff is aware of last night’s rude surprise.

One of the prayers I offer each morning asks God to

“give us such an awareness of your mercies, that with truly thankful hearts we may show forth your praise…”

I am thankful this morning that our son did not injure his head or neck when he fell during the seizure last night. I am thankful for all who hold him up (more literally than I sometimes realize) in prayer, and for Melissa comforting him after the seizure. I’m thankful that he slept well last night and seems himself this morning.

I praise God that this Friday the 13th is better than the day before, at least so far.

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