The Running Man

Actually he walked.

There was a big fundraiser for LifeScape, the community agency that serves our son and so many special needs families ’round here.

Their goal was $100,000, and last I heard they were well past that.

IMG_20150207_093406_181A local mall was packed with families, teams from businesses and churches (including ours), and all kinds of good hearted folks of all ages, sponsored by donors to walk around for a good cause.

IMG_20150207_090723_494Our son Joey came along. He was drowsy, not amused with having his laid back post-donut Saturday interrupted with “work,” and he popped me with a jab when I tried to comb his hair for a picture. But he settled down and walked the two laps just fine.

It was a fun, high energy event with cheerleaders, clowns, bands and most of all scads of positive, caring people.

And Joey’s worn out and resting so mom and dad can chill, too.

Heh heh added this because Joey definitely “walks to the beat of his own drum”…

2 thoughts on “The Running Man

  1. It was a blast!
    Joey man, you were awesome! What a fine young man you are becoming!
    Can hardly wait for your 21st birthday!!!! Party!
    Hugs & blessings
    Miss Malley

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