Second hand autism

Forgive me if this is a stream of consciousness. You’ll understand in a few lines.

Melissa and I just saw an advertisement for one of the ever present wonder drugs, noting the “possible side effects” like, oh, you know, strokes, seizures, death…

Oh, and this one included “lack of sleep.”

That reminded us that Joey, who is very excited about his upcoming birthday (still weeks away) stayed up all night chattering, flicking on lights, and depriving us of sleep. It hit us how tired we are at the moment.

So somehow my mind, in this altered state, jumped from “drug side effects” to “second hand smoke.” I told you, stream of consciousness.

And the big take away:


You’re welcome.

By the way, over the last few years Melissa and I have been on-and-off at work on a book about the care giving life, and we have a publisher. Hoping to announce its release in the months ahead.

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