Isn’t freezing a sensory issue?

Folks living on the autism spectrum have “sensory issues.” They don’t like certain sensations or textures, so they won’t wear, handle, eat or otherwise come in contact with certain stuff.

Our lad Joey doesn’t like headgear of any kind. Never has. Hats, hoods, headphones/ear buds – nunna that stuff.

We’re here under that Canadian air that’s settled over the USA. Our temperatures are single digit, and even some subzeros when the wind blows. It’s way too early for that, and we’re all whining.

I deck Joey out in layers for his short trip out to catch the bus. I slip a sweater over him and then put a coat on over that. But he won’t wear a hat. And today I went with a hoodie as the sweater layer, but he would not put up with the hood (does that mean it’s just an “ie”?). He just waved his hand in an angry arc and swept it off his head.

How is letting subzero air bore into your head not a sensory issue?

Did I mention he won’t wear gloves or mittens, either?

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