The cure for bed head!

We keep Joey’s hair short, but that doesn’t prevent him from sporting an array of bed head styles.

He has a warm, soothing bath at the end of most days. From there, he tends to dive into bed and roll around until he gets comfy. This means that his neatly combed but still moist post-bath hair gets shaped into all sorts of formations, none of them based on order or symmetry.

This morning, his hair is PERFECT. No tufts spiking out, just a tidy ‘do combed from a subtle part in the middle.

How did we achieve that? Was it new product? New technique? New comb or brush?

Nah, we just skipped sleep.

Joey was up, chuckling, quoting movie lines and singing for most of the night. His post-bath hair didn’t get thrashed around on pillows for several hours. So bed head never developed.

Don’t know what that means for mom & dad. Likely more bags under our eyes. Certainly Melissa’s recent trip to the stylist won’t be representin’. And I don’t have any hair for bed head anyway.

But Joey caught his bus lookin’ mighty fine.

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