Lights! Camera! Migraine!

Melissa suffers from migraines.

Last night was an awful one. I guess they are all awful, so that comment is lame but I’ll leave it in to amplify the lameness of sitting here at a ridiculous hour blogging.

Joey, with incredible timing, is suddenly all about turning on all kinds of lights at night. So the advice nurse’s counsel to “stay in a dark, quiet room” to soothe the migraine is hard to employ here. I’ve been sitting up in the living room since zero dark something or other, so I can see lights come on down the hall and go turn them off. For the moment, Joey is sleeping and things are dark.

So is my mood.

One of the stinkiest things about care giving is the sleep and even rest deprivation. It is pure torture some nights. For Melissa, the migraine should have been enough, but to throw Joey’s sound and light show in on top of it?

Saturday is going to dawn in the next few hours. Will have to waste a chunk of it trying to snooze. We are having a gorgeous autumn here, and it would be great to go out and enjoy it. But care giving deprives us of freedom and pleasures along with sleep.

We’re still allowed air, food and water, at least for today.

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