Free Market Autism

“Mr. Monte will fix the computer.”

Thus spake Joey from the hallway. Mr. Monte is a real person. He’s a friend of the family who is an IT professional. And yes, he fixes the aged desktop when Joey works voodoo spells on it.
Joey uses statements as questions and vice versa, so “Mr. Monte will fix the computer” is the equivalent of turning in an IT work tag on the computer. It means, “Dad, can you call up Monte and get this thing working?”

Of course I first go in, with my lack of skill, and have a look. Lo and behold, I figure out that the frozen cursor in the middle of the screen is the result of the mouse’s cable being tugged loose at the USB port. (I think that’s correct terminology – if you are a tech person, correct any of it in the comments, if you are not, then just behold my awesome ability and marvel at it.)

So I get the problem fixed, puff out my chest and announce, “Joey, dad fixed the computer.”

To which Joey replies,


See, he has his business preferences just like any consumer. Some people will buy only the brand of mayonnaise that their mom used to buy, no matter how overpriced. It’s the good one, after all.

And for Joey, the only good computer fix is a Mr. Monte computer fix. So Joey watched videos all evening instead of surfing the internet.

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