The din is back

Joey is saying stuff at a fairly high volume and it’s been going on for about 90 minutes.

I’m not even trying to decipher it.  Sounds like a string of movie lines but I really don’t care because it is so far beyond cute or funny.  Yes, lots of his mannerisms are cute and funny.  What the dictionary calls

a loud continued noise; especially : a welter of discordant sounds

is not.

Fortunately it’s not late. I’m not trying to sleep. So it is annoying (well, maybe that’s too light a word) but it hasn’t escalated to torture (and that’s not too strong a word for what the din can do in combination with sleep deprivation).

The dog’s taken to scratching herself like Thumper the rabbit in Disney’s Bambi. She’s about 75 lbs. and the pounding sounds like someone knocking at the front door with considerable aggression.

A symbiosis of din. That’s what I have here tonight with the kid and the dog.

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