Flagged for future reference

So we decided to replace the toilet in the bathroom Joey uses.  It’s one of those save-the-planet-by-doing-away-with-effective-flushing-into-the-sewer models.  Tired of flushing it multiple times or having to plunge it just about every time it is used.  And it is the “guest bathroom” when we have company, and that definitely harshes the soiree.  



<— We thought about using this simple system, but broke down after Joey’s LAST IEP EVER last week.  We decided we deserved a treat after umpteen years of negotiations with school districts.  It was a bit too early for dinner, so we said, “Hey, let’s get a toilet that works.”

We headed by the plumbing and heating place.  Did I mention that Joey came with?  He was a bit wound up from the IEP.  Sitting through a meeting is not a favored activity for folks with autism.  But he walked into the display room with us, past the claw foot bathtub and brass fixtures and sinks, to a gleaming row of toilets.

As the salesperson was showing us models that fit our specs, like flushing, Joey brushed past me.  His hands were on his waistband… he was heading for a display toilet to – uh – test drive it.


I stopped him.  Nothing gross or embarrassing happened.  We bought the toilet and went home.

Flagged for future reference: don’t bring Joey to the toilet store.



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