It’s been hard to blog of late. Things at home are well, but horrors in the world out there are mesmerizing.

One of my favorite Twitter hashtags is the title of this short post. It’s used when describing the way so many of us, in our reality of relative peace and prosperity, go ballistic over stuff like waiting at a long red light.

As I watch the scenes from more than one country, seeing the normal things of life (and even life itself) blown up, it becomes hard to sit down and tap out my “struggles” as a caregiver.

I’m not saying, “Oh, well, could be worse.” (If you want to have a caregiver unfriend or possibly kill you, try saying that one.) I’m just relearning the art of counting blessings.

Thankful that medical, community and educational infrastructures, with all of their flaws, limits and costs, are intact here instead of bombed to rubble.

Thankful that the Paratransit bus, for which Joey and I must wait anywhere from 10 minutes before to 45 minutes after his scheduled pick up time, comes to get him at a nominal cost every day, instead of having to run into the desert or up a mountain because a mob wants to kill us.

Thankful that the supermarkets are open any which way I drive, forcing me to decide which one to pick and then what items to select from a multitude of 24/7 choices, instead of waiting for relief planes to drop supplies from the sky.

Thankful that there are no leftovers because Joey ate all the hot dogs I grilled out on our deck, instead of having to eat prepacked food in a bomb shelter or a refugee camp.

Thankful that we have bottled water by the case in case we don’t like drinking the always available tap water, instead of watching one another die of thirst.

Thankful that Joey can get up in the middle of the night and turn on his computer or movie screen, and that the light doesn’t attract a death squad or missile strike.

Caregivers get tapped out physically, spiritually and emotionally. But with whatever drops are left in the tank, lets be sure to pray for those for whom our #FirstWorldProblems would be significant upgrades.

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