The Incredible Lightness of Being… Joey

He’s light work, really, autism and all.

We’ve chronicled plenty of the demands and challenges of raising a son with autism, but let me take a moment to speak up for some of the gentle offsets.

It’s Saturday. What’s 20-year-old Joey want? Keys to the car? A car of his own? Money to spend on a girlfriend? The latest evolution of handheld gadgetry?

No. His one request is this:


$5.50 at the local market.

Oh, and he needed these:


$29 at Payless. The ones he’d worn for the last few years were starting to come apart. We noticed that. He didn’t bring it up.

He never brings up clothes. We have to notice when stuff is threadbare or doesn’t fit.

Now, in all fairness, his older brother (not a person with autism) was very frugal and waaay easy as kids go. Sure, he’d say, “Hey, I need new jeans,” but that meant he’d outgrown the old ones that he’d worn as long as he could. (IOW, he would never be one to say, “Hey, I need this cool thing everybody else has.”) So his character made him incredibly light given the horror stories others tell about teenagers.

The other incredible lightness of Joey is that he’s going to eat that whole pizza. And stay hovering around 130 lbs. That’s just cosmic injustice.

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