Small steps…

The anniversary of the first moon landing came and went again, with that epic fast food drive up sound of Neil Armstrong’s great quote,

On the Fountain family planet, we had some steps small and great.

Ensign TimOur older son completed the big step of graduating from US Navy Officer Development School.

As you can see, Melissa and I were able to fly out to the East Coast for that (well, you can see Melissa – just imagine me holding the camera, OK?)

In another step, seemingly small but maybe a whopper, the trip was possible because Joey spent three (count ’em, 3) nights in a respite apartment.

Yes, it would have been a bigger step for Joey to go to this big event in his brother’s life. Except that Joey is a good traveler and a lousy “arriver.” He likes long car trips and airplane rides, but he hates hotels and as soon as we reach a destination, he’s saying “Go back to Joey’s house.”

So the next best thing is for him to be in a good place that allows the rest of the family to take some steps together, and this happened.

It was his longest overnight stay to date, and he came out of it his happy self instead of disoriented or agitated like after other overnights he’s had.

The staff kept him involved in fun activities. He made it to Sioux Falls’ big annual Jazz Fest.

He went to the movies, and was able to tell me that he saw Disney’s Frozen.

He went out to eat, and was able to tell me that he went to Burger King. He also echoed a debate that he appeared to lose about the fast food choice, imitating a staff member saying “We went to Taco John’s last time” over and over. I guess that’s a better way to process defeat than hitting people or breaking things, or even going around in a mood.

So, several days of “steps.” Pretty much all of them good, no matter how big or little.

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