Anybody out there an NHL fan? Stanley Cup Finals are underway, and as L.A. natives we are checking in to cheer for the Kings.

In case you’re not a hockey fan, let me ‘splain something. When your team takes a penalty, the offending player must go sit in the penalty box, usually for 2 minutes. During that time, you play “shorthanded.” The other team has five players (plus their goalie) on the ice, but your goalie has only four players providing cover.

In a really bad situation, you can be shorthanded by two players, with five opponents coming at you against only three defenders.

So what? Well, I’m playing shorthanded this morning. Melissa is not well today and on bed “rest” which really means she’s pinned down, enduring pain. So I’m trying to keep things calm and quiet for her. Which means

  • the dog is barking, apparently at a squirrel
  • the cat is throwing up hairballs on the rug
  • the autistic kid is creating a mind breaking din, repeating movie lines to amuse himself
  • I’m trying to let folks know that I won’t be there to meet them at stuff that was lined up for today

So what to do?  I mean, yelling at the dog, the cat and Joey, or being too long and loud on the phone, are going to make the environment anything but peaceful and healing for Melissa.

Sometimes, the penalized hockey team lucks out and scores a shorthanded goal.  I don’t see much of that happening for team Tim today.

Oh well.  #GoKingsGo

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