A holiday, an anniversary, and…

…an extra special Joey wake up call that shut down the festivities.

Today Melissa and I celebrate note our 24th wedding anniversary. We had (past tense, yes) plans to renew our vows and receive a blessing from a local clergyman. And it is Memorial Day, so it promised to be a laid back holiday pace after lots of activity helping our older son prepare to move to the East Coast.

I was up early and snuck to the gym, assuming I could have a workout and get back before Joey was up. Wrong.

I came home to find (actually, hear) him on his computer, with some formidable volume up as he played this song over and over,

Needless to say, Melissa had been yanked out of sleep by her ears – Joey was blasting the music like any young guy, one of those crossover things where autism wasn’t necessarily the culprit.

Melissa was already run down a bit by the busyness of the last few days, and now she’s gone from tired to sick. So the anniversary celebration is on hold.

Joey’s now mad because I’m home – he’s repeating his “Dad has to go to WORK?!?!?!?” phrase, which really means, “Dad, get your work clothes on and get out of my space.”

Good times.

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