Another exciting episode of “24”

The last 24 hours included:

Post-midnight ringing phone.

Therefore a bad attitude.

Joey throwing up all over newly washed bedding.

Therefore several extra loads of laundry.

Care giving memeThe dog throwing up on the rug – maybe in sympathy with Joey?

Therefore spot cleaning before coffee was brewed.

Cat stealing a piece of our hastily warmed chicken dinner.

Therefore more bad attitude.

Constant “wait a minutes” when trying to get a shower.

Therefore feeling as personally disgusting as the vomit enhanced bedding and carpet.

Sleeping on the couch because the cat peed on the bed and she stands at the bedroom door and howls all night if we just lock her out. So a human has to be out so she’ll shut up.

Therefore a very sore back. (Note: The vet says, “Humane society.” But we’re soft hearted and soft headed with this cat, so she stays).

Son and his wife getting ready to move to the East Coast.

Therefore all kinds of spastic mom and dad emotions on top of farewell planning.

Working on a re-fi of the house (email requests for documents and actions about every 3.5 seconds, I think) and making reservations for an East Coast trip to see the kids later in the summer.

Therefore brain in meltdown red zone.

Trying to get the required long pants out for Joey to get dressed for his day program, only to find that he’d taken all the clean ones and stuffed them in a laundry hamper to hide them.

Therefore… aw, hell, I don’t even know.


Therefore I am. Or something.

Weeds are back where I just had them pulled.

Therefore… did I mention bad attitude earlier?

Now, there’s a whole list of “on the other hand” good things that went on in the last 24, but I’d feel like a Pollyanna to list those.

Care giving = doing all of the stuff that clogs up the lives of normal people, then having someone or something puke all over it.

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