The mean, selfish, hateful post

Our older kid graduated from college over the weekend. He’s the NOT autistic, no-special-magical-savant-skill, makes-it-easy-on-mom-and-dad one. The one you can overlook while stressing about the other one. Here he is exchanging a post-commencement hug with Melissa…IMG_20140510_110652_789

IMG_20140509_153000_122Melissa and I went across the state to attend. In fact, we went two nights early, stayed in a nice hotel, went to fun places and upscale restaurants and all that. Here are a bunch of cute bear cubs we enjoyed watching at a wild animal park on a sunny day in South Dakota’s Black Hills.

Which has you asking, “Hey, where’s that cute autistic kid they love so much and blog about all the time?”

We left him behind.

He stayed in a respite apartment arranged through his day program. And stayed for two nights, which was a first.

I could gush about that turning out well, and we are super grateful to the staff that made it possible and cared for him.

But the fact of the matter is that it was our first time on something like a vacation from him in about eight years. And this we liked.

Today is Mother’s Day, and he’s been sweet and loving to Melissa. He insisted on writing “Mommy” on her card’s envelope when I only asked him to write “Mom.” And he’s thoroughly mucked up her hair by running his fingers through it and snuggling with her during dinner. We are glad to be here with him.

But we enjoyed being away. It refreshed us. We were able to give full attention to stuff like a tour of the labs in which our older son learned and honed his engineering and research chops, without having to detach every ten seconds to see to Joey issues.

Mean, selfish and hateful? But somehow I’m not feeling the need to apologize.

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