Words and Music by…

Yesterday we posted the news that our book is progressing, so that takes care of “words.”

IMG_20140411_185912_022How about some music? Last night was the annual “Music in Me” concert by Music Therapy Services of South Dakota, hosted at First United Methodist Church of Sioux Falls. Quite a playlist by an amazing group of kids, from toddlers to young adults.

IMG_20140411_183249_426Therapist Lora Barthelman is a great blessing to our community, working with individuals like our son Joey and with groups of kids who socialize through music. Their live performances and some video from her sessions with them brought out the variety of ways in which music helps develop social and personal skills, as well as beauty and joy.

IMG_20140411_183506_933Joey had a couple of opportunities “on stage.” He covered his ears, which is his way of saying, “If I can’t hear you, you can’t see me.” Yeah, I know. But this is autism. He offered stage fright with a smile. Fortunately, he was featured in one of the videos, so people got to see a bit of his work.

He had a lot more fun as a member of the audience than he did on the stage.


Later, I’ll share some of the care giver tactics used to get him up on stage. For now, enough to say it was a wonderful evening and we are grateful for music therapy.

“Cantare amantis est”
(Singing belongs to one who loves)
St. Augustine

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