Last night we took Joey to a performance of Disney’s stage production of Beauty and the Beast.

We were a bit apprehensive. It had a 7:30 pm start and he gets sleepy around 8:30-9:00.

Joey Beauty and the BeastBut it went wonderfully. Even though he forgot to bring a “fidget” item to hold, wave and otherwise calm himself, he didn’t need it. I kept checking him in my peripheral vision, and most of what I saw was him smiling at the show tunes, especially the ones he knew best from the animated version.

So looking off to the side was a big part of the fun for me. At one point, he was kicking his leg out. We were in a section where this didn’t involve kicking a chair in front of him, so no worries there. Even better, I realized that he was kicking in time with the ensemble song and dance of “Be Our Guest.”

At intermission, I took him down front to look over into the orchestra pit. He was quite taken with the elaborate drum kit. He’s been doing some nice percussion work in his music therapy, so no surprise there.

I’m still smiling about the night. Joey the sideshow was as much fun as the stage show.

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